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  • Glada_Laxen hizo un comentario,

    I just realised this. There is no way to see who's in a group chat. At least not on the Android version.

  • Glada_Laxen hizo un comentario,

    What do you mean by "listen to the message edition"? And "deletion events"? 

  • Glada_Laxen creó una publicación,

    King of the Hat, free? Really?


    So, I just got the "What's new?!" window... Today... Two days after the offer ended. I had not seen a single bit of information before that. Cool. 

  • Glada_Laxen creó una publicación,

    Streamer Mode

    I was just thinking while watching a stream with Streamer Mode activated. He was being sent a bunch of DM's by random people (and I know, he could just deny any random DM's), but I was thinking. On...