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  • Melon hizo un comentario,

    My new profile picture looks awful after converting it to a PNG and being compressed to ridiculous size such that it doesn't even look like the same image from a distance

  • Melon hizo un comentario,

    I (as a nitro user) want to upload my fancy SVG image and I am limited to generating a PNG and then having it downscaled to compressed so much its barely even viewable at any size, and showing the ...

  • Melon hizo un comentario,

    We have an overlay on android already why not hurry up and make one for linux? Why is it that discord releases ui updates but doesnt want to add new features which the community requests.

  • Melon hizo un comentario,

    It would be very useful to add a "nickname" to your best friends just like nicknames in a server but only you can change the nickname which shows with them so I don't have to waste time opening the...

  • Melon creó una publicación,

    Android: Notes box

    "Tap to add a note" field label glitches into the text in the notes text box when there is a value in the notes text box.

  • Melon creó una publicación,

    Use phone to join voice channels and start streaming on pc

    Wouldn't it be great to tell my computer to start streaming a game or to join a voice channnel directly from my phone so I don't have to tab out?