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  • 1A3 hizo un comentario,

    I can see both ways like it would’ve been nice if they gave like a week notice but I don't think they'd likely revert it now since they've changed it and it makes it more special for those that hav...

  • 1A3 hizo un comentario,

    It’s not that hard to go to dis.gd/request also there is the option in servers you moderate on pc to delete and report then on mobile to report.

  • 1A3 creó una publicación,

    Permission Inheritance

    Roles: Some role permissions shouldn’t inherit to higher roles e.g. currently if someone has manage roles on any role it allows them to manage roles below their highest role (even if it doesn’t hav...

  • 1A3 creó una publicación,

    Limit mutual servers to mutual channels

    Only show mutual servers if both people have at least 1 mutual channel in the server. This would be useful for things like staff servers where new helpers are in a secret category until they are an...

  • 1A3 creó una publicación,

    Server Folders (Horizontal)

    It'd be pretty cool to have an option in appearance settings to allow changing the folders to pop-out horizontally rather than vertically. As some people could prefer it more than them opening vert...

  • 1A3 hizo un comentario,

    Would screensharing not work for this? As there is already screensharing in VC's on some servers.

  • 1A3 creó una publicación,

    Bot Guild Inviter

    Heyo, I think it'd be a great idea to make it so bots can see which user invited them to a guild. This would make things like dming setup information to who invited the bot easier.