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  • Lunos hizo un comentario,

    Yup. It's another extremely basic feature that is missing from Discord.

  • Lunos hizo un comentario,

    Adding my vote too. There's not a single reason why we shouldn't be able to hide voice channels. They're a nuisance for us who don't have or use microphones, and I find myself misclicking them ever...

  • Lunos hizo un comentario,

    Same here. I agree it should be a thing on Discord and I don't know why is it not. I find myself in need to replace an older version of a tool with a newer one in a message I sent on a Discord serv...

  • Lunos hizo un comentario,

    I can't believe Discord still doesn't let the user set the default state of on-reply pinging. What the heck dude. This is the kind of basic functionality you'd add right away, on the exact same day...