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  • Kovaelin hizo un comentario,

    I would also like to see this implemented. It would make finding certain messages much easier.

  • Kovaelin hizo un comentario,

    @JustGamer The harder you try to spin it, the more it sounds like a paywall. I can now see why people are comparing it to EA. "Sense of accomplishment and pride" etc. It's a bit hard to ignore at t...

  • Kovaelin hizo un comentario,

    @Ruzom Did you spam @everyone to get there? Are okay with it if you lose a tier or two eventually? How many people does your server have? Is it more than 50? Are you okay with being locked out of t...

  • Kovaelin creó una publicación,

    Nitro Boost concerns and suggestions

    I feel that there are many different approaches that the developers could have used. Cumulative total of months to have received boosts, cumulative total number of individual boosts over time, etc....

  • Kovaelin creó una publicación,

    Default notification settings should be set by users, and NOT the servers.

    Every time I join a new channel, I have to make sure that they didn't keep it on the default for notifying me for every single new post. If you're part of more than one community, this can get out ...

  • Kovaelin hizo un comentario,

    I would also like to be able to search for role mentions.