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  • Alex1304 creó una publicación,

    Add ability to Copy User ID from full profile

    I am posting this here seeing as it's apparently not a bug per . I feel it would be convenient to have the Copy ID option when opening a user profile and expanding the...

  • Alex1304 creó una publicación,

    [Android] Remove the image editor screen when uploading emojis

    Currently when you try to upload an emoji on Android, you get a screen where you can edit the image before uploading (zoom, crop, rotate, etc), just like when you're uploading a profile picture. I ...

  • Alex1304 creó una publicación,

    Server permission overrides

    Currently there are channel permission overrides, where you can alter permissions for a specific channel related to chatting. But for example, what if I want to create a role that denies Nickname p...

  • Alex1304 hizo un comentario,

    From my recent experience in a server where all pinned messages were all mysteriously unpinned, it would be a good addition to show in Audit Log who unpinned the messages. Currently the staff in th...

  • Alex1304 creó una publicación,

    Do not grant the Mention Everyone permission to the everyone role by default when you first create a server

    I don't see what's the point of enabling this permission by default since it's going to be disabled 99% of time.

  • Alex1304 creó una publicación,

    On Android, increase Frequently Used emojis limit from 20 to 40

    On Desktop and iOS, you can have up to 40 emojis in your Frequently Used section. On Android you can only have 20 currently. Please increase it up to 40 on Android to make it consistent with other ...

  • Alex1304 creó una publicación,

    Decrease the rate limit for loading pinned messages a bit

    I believe the rate limit for loading pinned messages is too high because of how easy it is to reach it in normal use cases. For example when you are looking for a pinned message but you don't remem...

  • Alex1304 creó una publicación,

    [Android] Lighten the font color of codeblocks to make them easier to read

    I currently find it harder to read text in codeblocks on Android compared to other platforms, because on Desktop and iOS the font inside codeblocks is white, whereas on Android it's grey on grey ba...

  • Alex1304 hizo un comentario,

    Yeah but for this to work you need to find a message in chat sent by the person before tapping Mention. With a native copy option, as long as you find his profile in Member list or in Friend list f...

  • Alex1304 creó una publicación,

    Add an option to copy someone's DiscordTag

    Not being able to copy them is particularly annoying when someone's DiscordTag has zalgo or unusual characters. Sending someone a DiscordTag so that they can add them as friend is a pretty common u...