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  • PJ Matlock creó una publicación,

    Rate limits for bots in large servers

    Disable or lower rate limits for people with large servers. I have 250k very active members and my bots can’t keep up because of your limitations. Give coders access to do what we want. Relinquish ...

  • PJ Matlock hizo un comentario,

    Yep. As usual

  • PJ Matlock hizo un comentario,

    Yes please!!! I don’t want people to be able to manage messages or manage channels to be disabled from slow mode! We need a role add on that can bypass slow mode!

  • PJ Matlock creó una publicación,

    Allow 2 text channels to be opened simultaneously.

    Large server, channels get flooded easily. Admins can post “Alerts”. Members want to be able to see messages from Alert Channels AND the main chat at the same time. Please add a feature where two...

  • PJ Matlock creó una publicación,

    More Security from SPAMMERS. Require Text verification for ROLES

    I don’t know about you guys but I’m totally sick of spammers joining my room and DMing all my members to join crap or buy something. Right now my server requires text verification to join BUT if y...