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  • Wolfy creó una publicación,

    Purging VERY Inactive servers

    So, I know some people have some long lost servers at the bottom of their server list, and we sometimes... forget about them. It would be pretty cool if, after, say 6 months of no messages in a se...

  • Wolfy creó una publicación,

    Good Suggestion


    Go through with the April 1 update

  • Wolfy creó una publicación,


    When you pin something remove the 4-line message that states that you have pinned a message, instead, place a pin icon before the message to indicate that someone pinned it

  • Wolfy hizo un comentario,

    how would this work? On phone we have apps that can block blockers and there are endless apps and programs.

  • Wolfy hizo un comentario,

    How would we tell current users from past?

  • Wolfy creó una publicación,

    + roles

    When people have like 50 roles it fills the screen to where u can't see anything. Show like 4 roles and then a *show all* button