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  • Shorty hizo un comentario,

    This should not be a thing, and will not be a thing. This can be accomplished using bots, why re-create something that already exists?

  • Shorty hizo un comentario,

    I dont think that discord should have to back up deleted servers. I do however think it would be smart of discord to make you auth 2fa to delete a server or make major changes.

  • Shorty hizo un comentario,

    This can be accomplished using a bot. No point in adding something that already exists.

  • Shorty hizo un comentario,

    What? "It's allowed only for bots which big access for API." Your English is so broken I literally cannot understand.   What is that? Bots can already send embeds?

  • Shorty hizo un comentario,

    You can. You'd have to mod the discord client to register a command or something if you want to integrate it. You can use DiscordPY to send a embed, just dont make a self bot or you will get banned.

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  • Shorty creó una publicación,

    Display name for chat channels

    I understand that you cant change the name of the chat channel because, well its irc. However I think it would be useful to have a "Display name" function for the chat channels this way we could st...