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  • Hani creó una publicación,

    Option to disable server boosts on my server

    Hi, I have a small time personal server and I want to make sure no one can waste money boosting this server. Why isn't it already an option to turn it off?

  • Hani hizo un comentario,

    Can confirm that the tip above works, sadly it doesn't resize the DMs list width, do you know a tip for that as well?

  • Hani hizo un comentario,

    I would also like to add that this would be a great feature for gamers who for some reason have voice com disabled but still hang around others in VC, occasionally sending a text message. It would ...

  • Hani hizo un comentario,

    Please make this a real thing! It could also have an option to translate all the messages on a server specific basis. For instance I hang out in a discord server that is both for a swedish and engl...

  • Hani hizo un comentario,

    I too find this minimum size (width in my case) really annoying for the same reason. Ideally I'd want a 'minimalist' toggleable design so that I could keep discord in a column of 480px width (1/4 o...