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    VAD/PTT Audio/Visual Cue

    Hi there, I like to have a hotkey/keybind to toggle between VAD/PTT which I do for work/gaming purposes. Unfortunately its hard to tell which mode I am in, at a glance, without going into the setti...

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    Honestly what more is it going to take for this to happen? Why are the devs so quiet as to not even acknowledge we've been seen and that hopefully something is happening? Do we need to camp outside...

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    So we've got almost 10,000 votes and 111 posts here. How many does it take to get a response from discord team? 

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    My gripe with the current layout is having limited side space for all the servers I have joined, having to scroll down to see others, and having notifications show up for each server but only being...

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    This needs to happen. I have having so many servers and not enough room to see or organise them.   My OCD goes into overdrive just looking at the list.