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    This actually is a pretty good idea i like it. hopefully they can add that.

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    Or if you have the Discord app, just set a game status and put "In a bad mood" or something. If you don't have the app, just setting yourself on DND will be fine because I'm sure people will know y...

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    I agree. And it'd be nice if they could allow us to disable single pings (Ex: Someone pinging just one person), because even when I set myself on Do Not Disturb, I'm still able to get ping notifs s...

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    Make the Discord web version let you have game statuses

    What the title means is, I think it'd be cool if you made it so that the web version lets you set a game status for your Discord, just like the Discord app. I'm on a Chromebook right now because I ...

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    Does the DiscordApp work on Windows Vista Home Premium???