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  • Atwood creó una publicación,

    Folder Location of Discord APP

    Hello, can u please change the Discord APP Folder Direction. It's everytime annoying to make an new Shortcut every Update u did.C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Discord should be the right path for ...

  • Atwood creó una publicación,

    Server Groups

    Then u adding Servers into an Folder making it able to use an Custom Icon choosed from ur PC as example to show instead of an Folder with all Servers in it u added.Looking better!

  • Atwood creó una publicación,

    Marking more Messages for Reply!

    Adding Support to mark more Messages then just only one Message for now to reply back.U know it u are texting and some Peoples are answering u nearly the same Answer.U wanna reply back so u have to...

  • Atwood creó una publicación,

    More Copy&Paste Options are some little changes for Devs but BIG changes for Server Management u can do here i posted in the Album above.Some Quality of Life Copy&Paste Functions!

  • Atwood creó una publicación,

    [Feature Request] More Copy Settings!

    Hey Discord, you got an Option to Copy Channels with Permissions. But so many Copy Actions are Missing.Like Copy Catergory with Permissions, Roles with Permissions or even a Button Copy Permissions...