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  • Copy Text [Mobile, iOS]

    When you hold on a message with a custom emoji in it and click copy text, it will copy <:emojiname:emojiId>, but I think it shouldn’t copy the ID, just the :emojiname: part. It is sort of inconveni...

  • Mention Button

    On iOS, when you long-press on a user in chat there is a mention button. They should also add this mention button to when you press on a user on the sidebar/member list

  • Blurple Pen

    I use a lot of pens, and it would be fun to have a nice blurple gel pen (gel pen because i’ve noticed they usually have more vibrant colors)

  • Scrolling

    (this could go in here or mobile) There should be an option to make it so when you scroll up in chat, if you go to a different channel or server, it won’t scroll back down to the bottom.

  • Pin channels to quick switcher

    On mobile, going from a server at the bottom of the list to a dm or server at the top of your server list is a chore. It would be nice if you could pin channels in the quick switcher so you can go ...

  • Copy Text in Embeds (iOS)

    On iOS, you cannot copy text that is inside an embed (like you cannot highlight it), and it would be nice to have because most bots (citation needed) use embeds opposed to normal text. It would be ...

  • Back button

    On mobile, if you click the in app notification banner, there should be a back button that takes you back to the server / channel you were in. This is because it is annoying if you are dm’ing someo...

  • Tag Notification Red Thing


    Ok, I am very sorry for the title, but I have no idea what else to call it. On desktop, when you get tagged (@) on your server list, there is a little red button you can click to jump to the server...

  • Referrals

    (Sorry for dupe. I accidentally posted in the wrong channel, other one is deleted)You should add referral links. For example, if someone signs up with your link, or puts in your link in settings (m...

  • Allow Server Mute override per-channel

    You should be able to have certain channels override the server mute option. It is so much easier to mute a server than mute each channel individually, but it would be nice to have notifications fr...