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  • Add an option to disable the iOS/Android tabs

    There should be a way to disable the new iOS/Android chat tabs. This could be a switch in the appearance settings.

  • Markdown in Custom Statuses

    I think it would be cool if we could use basic markdown like bold, __underline__, ~~strikethrough~~ and italics in our custom statuses!

  • Copy Text in Embeds (iOS)

    On iOS, you cannot copy text that is inside an embed (like you cannot highlight it), and it would be nice to have because most bots (citation needed) use embeds opposed to normal text. It would be ...

  • Delete Roles in the Role Menu

    We should be able to right click other roles in the role menu. For example, if you accidentally created a blank role, it would be a lot faster to just right click it and click confirm in a dialog b...

  • Message Links

    When someone posts a message link, it should have an embed (like the YouTube ones) that has the message, author, and maybe even the time the message was sent. This would be a nice to have because i...

  • [DM] Custom DM Scan/Filter

    It would be nice to if we were able to enable custom DM scan settings/filters instead of using any of the existing 3. For example, if you don’t want to receive invites from new DMs (if you have eit...

  • Allow Server Mute override per-channel

    You should be able to have certain channels override the server mute option. It is so much easier to mute a server than mute each channel individually, but it would be nice to have notifications fr...

  • Clyde Discord Status Command

    It would be nice to be able to see the API ping without going to the status page. For example, you could do `/status` and Clyde would reply with `The API ping is currently [ping]ms. We are current...

  • Mention Button

    On iOS, when you long-press on a user in chat there is a mention button. They should also add this mention button to when you press on a user on the sidebar/member list

  • Blurple Pen

    I use a lot of pens, and it would be fun to have a nice blurple gel pen (gel pen because i’ve noticed they usually have more vibrant colors)