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  • Sir creó una publicación,

    New Mobile Design is Simply Terrible

    I have zero kind words for the new design (that is, 194.0 build 49405 on iOS). It's quite possibly the least friendly in terms of usability. The persistent server list is unnecessary. The extra pad...

  • Sir hizo un comentario,

    I approve this message.

  • Sir creó una publicación,

    Allow Server and Channel IDs to be used in Quick Switcher

    I would love to be able to use the Quick Switcher to navigate directly to a server or channel ID. This ensures I will always hit the spot I intended, most importantly for power-users and developers...

  • Sir creó una publicación,

    Increase Server/Guild Limit per User (Number of servers we can be in)

    My suggestion is relatively simple: increase the number of servers we can be in from 100 to, well, more than 100. This may not be as much of an issue for normal users, but as a power user, I'm cons...

  • Sir creó una publicación,

    Thanks, I hate the new design

    Everything about this design is just bad Can't distinguish between message blocks Scaling doesn't play well anymore (can't find that golden appearance setting) That floating emoji thing is dumb Hi...

  • Sir creó una publicación,

    Allow disabling of markdown/formatting preview

    While the formatting feature is nice, it actually disrupts me big time as a power user, especially when it comes to server administration. I may wish to see the :emojitext: for example to know exac...

  • Sir creó una publicación,

    Keybinds to navigate to specific server/channel

    I'm active in a ton of servers (I'm usually at or near the server limit). It would be fantastic for power-users to be able to navigate to specific servers, if not specific channels, via keyboard sh...