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  • loading hizo un comentario,

    With the closure of Discord's game subscription service, I think this post needs a lot more attention. Classic nitro is worth $5 a month but a single server boost simply isn't worth that. Maybe mak...

  • loading hizo un comentario,

    As someone who occasionally closes DMs by accident or out of high stress I think this is a terrible idea.

  • loading hizo un comentario,

    I like this a lot but I would think of it as more likely to happen if it were to be suggested as a nitro exclusive feature

  • loading hizo un comentario,

    To add to this list I would like to suggest a higher pin per channel cap and a higher character per message cap.

  • loading creó una publicación,

    Warning when switching from or scrolling too far in a channel playing media

    Sometimes I have a media file playing embedded in a channel, and then I switch to a different channel or scroll up too far and it automatically stops itself and it becomes very annoying to get it b...

  • loading creó una publicación,

    Discord crashes when I end video calls


    Roughly 50% of the time when I end a video call on Discord it forces the client to restart, as if it had crashed or something. Nothing game breaking but very inconvenient. Is this a common bug and/...