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  • HookedMermaid hizo un comentario,

    omg please! We have so many roles (all necessary) in our server, and being able to categories them would make dealing with changes/additions much easier.

  • HookedMermaid hizo un comentario,

    Was just asked this today by my server co-owner. We're trying to reorganise our server and so many channels would benefit from being changed into threads that we could nest under a single archive c...

  • HookedMermaid creó una publicación,

    Changes to iOS voice channels

    I've been in contact with support, as initially I thought it was a bug. But I've been informed that it's a new change that I need to get used to. The problem is that the change really does seem lik...

  • HookedMermaid hizo un comentario,

    @Did Your Mother ***A Snowman!? There was a Beta phase, but it was very short, especially considering how many changes were implemented. The beta phase needed to be longer. If anything, they should...

  • HookedMermaid hizo un comentario,

    @Shadow This wasn't enough time, and if the community feedback is anything to go by, it should've been beta tested MUCH longer. I'm hard considering deleting the app and praying it doesn't change o...

  • HookedMermaid hizo un comentario,

    Considering the fact that the KEEP DOING THIS, they're not listening to their users. People on reddit are questioning why this newest bad updated wasn't beta'd for feedback. If they actually gave a...