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  • SUPERCHIEFYT hizo un comentario,

    ... There is no "selfbot API" and selfbots ARE against the Terms Of Service and risk your account being deleted.  Ratelimiting wouldn't help and also there is actual bot accounts and the actual API...

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    Webhooks / Channels Followed

    Make the channel webhooks and the followed-channels webhooks limits separate.  For the following reasons 1) If a channel gets to 10 followed channels it can't create a webhook unless you unfollow a...

  • SUPERCHIEFYT hizo un comentario,

    Copy of Selfbots are against the TOS, also people can just use a bot account. 

  • SUPERCHIEFYT hizo un comentario,

    They've added the endpoint and allowed bots to use it aswell, but they still need to document it.  Method: POSTURL:

  • SUPERCHIEFYT hizo un comentario,

    I would add Discord bots like "Alt Defender" (for detecting alts) and "Auttaja" (for spammers) - or raise your server's verification level higher until the troller gives up.. - I do agree they need...

  • SUPERCHIEFYT hizo un comentario,

    Or maybe add a 'gifting nitro'  'audit logs' for the user to review in their user settings that shows them the date/time, user who claimed it and the nitro type

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