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  • Drake Faewylde hizo un comentario,

    Agreed. This is one more example of Discord throwing a feature at us and not giving us any agency, as server admin/founders we should be able to completely disable and/or remove such features as do...

  • Drake Faewylde creó una publicación,

    Upgrade Hide Member List to Manage Member List

    Add a right click menu to the Hide Member List button that contains the following options:[ ] Show Offline users[ ] Show Bots[ ] Display Roles SeparatelyIt seems a little odd that these settings ar...

  • Drake Faewylde hizo un comentario,

    I'm sitting here trying to figure out why this isn't a thing already...Discord, you've got some incredible features already, and you churn out updates nearly every day. I can't imagine this would t...

  • Drake Faewylde hizo un comentario,

    I just followed the instructions (including moving the role to the bottom of the list) and it worked perfectly.Thank you so much for the instructions!