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  • devoir hizo un comentario,

    When you first log in Discord there's something like this, teachs you things like how to join a server, create one, add friends, open settings, etc.

  • devoir hizo un comentario,

    Ehmm.. This is what servers are for, you can create your own rules apart than the TOS..

  • devoir hizo un comentario,

    Guys, this is for feedback, if you need help on something just contact them on their email. This is for suggestions, not problems.

  • devoir hizo un comentario,

    No, because there's sometimes that you don't wanna get DM'ed, but you can turn off your DMs for everyone but friends and sometimes I really don't want anyone to DM me.

  • devoir creó una publicación,

    Be able to turn off DMs

    Make it so you can turn off DMs from everyone (including your friends)