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  • Raider hizo un comentario,

    A nice thing can be you can make customized perms(Not adding permissions, but customize some perms) Like Manage messages is granted for that role, but only for certain things, like pin the message ...

  • Raider hizo un comentario,

    You actually can open the more options for a message and click share, it will give uou the link to the message.

  • Raider creó una publicación,

    Sync with category option[Mobile].

    Add the sync with category option for mobile users, I know that you're trying adding every single option for mobile too, but at least add main and useful options first. Like if the category needs a...

  • Raider creó una publicación,

    Reporting user format.

    Add a option that let us to only have to put channel ID etc.. as optional.(ONLY USER ID CAN'T BE OPTIONAL) Because I have to report a meesage from a user in DMs, but I can't do it because Channel ...