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    Bobble League FAQ

    What does this article cover? What is Bobble League? How to start a Bobble League game? How do I join Discord Games Lab? Discord Games Lab Server FAQ WHAT IS BOBBLE LEAGUE? Bobble League is a...

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    Quarantine FAQ

    If Discord detects suspicious account behavior on your account, we may place your account in quarantine. If your account is in quarantine, you will not be able to join new servers or initiate new d...

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    Preguntas frecuentes de la promo de Epic Games x Discord 2022

    Update June 2nd, 2022 (2:59pm GMT):This promotion has now ended and 1 month of Discord Nitro can no longer be claimed Epic Games Store users. All claimed codes must be redeemed by July 2nd, 2022 (2...

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    Forum Channels FAQ

    Looking to utilize forum channels in your server? You can learn more about forum channels below! What does this article cover? What are Forum Channels? How do I create a Forum Channel? Getting St...

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    Server Home Beta

    What does this article cover? What is Server Home? Where can I find Server Home? How does content appear in Server Home? Behavior Can you curate content? How do I join the beta or leave feedbac...

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    Discord en Modo festivo 🎉

      Note: Party Mode will gradually roll out to all users at Friday, May 13th, 10AM PST. This feature will be active from Friday, May 13th, 10AM PST to Monday, May 16th, 5PM PST. 🎉 ¡Discord cumple 7...

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    ¿Cuánto tiempo guarda Discord tu información?

    Recopilamos cierta información a medida que usas Discord. Nuestra Política de Privacidad describe la información que recopilamos, cómo la usamos y compartimos, y cómo puedes controlar tu informació...

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    Creator Pilot Terms

    These Creator Pilot Terms apply to the things you sell through Discord. They supplement our Terms of Service and Paid Services Terms. In the event of any conflict between these Creator Pilot Terms ...

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    Highlights Notifications

    This feature is currently in Beta. Highlights bring you the best content from the servers you care about. If you are opted in to receive Highlights for a server, Discord will notify you via email o...

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    Premium Memberships Trials FAQ

    To learn more about Premium Memberships, check out this article. What are Premium Memberships Trials?If a server owner enables them, trials allow you to get access to premium membership benefits f...