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  • RogueSakura hizo un comentario,

    @Kierel Shan, my bad. I really did misunderstand. Yes, I really want that feature too. that explains why some of my searches wouldn't give me what I want... never realized it was because of the bas...

  • RogueSakura hizo un comentario,

    for 1., that's what my upvote of this suggestion is for. ( is exactly that suggestion btw, but upvoting that m...

  • RogueSakura hizo un comentario,

    I want it. so much easier and it avoids the agony of remembering exactly what you're looking for (aka the exact words of part of the message you're searching for), but not getting exactly that resu...

  • RogueSakura hizo un comentario,

    that, and/or add another arrow at the very top so you can at least skim through results faster. after all, you don't always know the exact page you need. sometimes, you don't even know if it's page...

  • RogueSakura hizo un comentario,

    I really love this idea. maybe you could also turn it around, search not for results from people with specific roles, but for those of everyone but the people with the role. I'm thinking of excludi...

  • RogueSakura creó una publicación,

    add search feature which only gives results from players (not bots)

    for example, I just tried to find someone recommending me an anime and I had forgotten both the player name and that of the anime, so I just searched for "anime". probably the whole first page and ...

  • RogueSakura hizo un comentario,

    PERFECT! Sometimes you also just want to ping a user to show someone else who you're talking about, e.g. when multiple people have the same name. you could always give their full name without the @...