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  • Allow following announcement channels on mobile

    see title*

  • Fullscreen Splitscreen macOS

    My apologies if this is a duplicate but I couldn’t find it anywhere in the server/search. It would be nice if the Discord App on macOS allowed for split screening windows Here is an example of w...

  • Set Channel Landing to Top or Bottom

    The ability to set how a server channel opens (i.e. at the top or bottom would be very useful.) I’m finding it’s not so obvious to members that they should scroll up when landing on my server’s we...

  • Display/Hide Muted Channels (Tweak)

    Dear Superdope Ballers of Discord, First off let me say I am a huge fan of the current muting capabilities in the desktop/mobile clients. However, it would be nice to choose which muted channels a...

  • Click <@rolemention> to Show Users in That Role!

    Dear Superdope Ballers of Discord, *Again imagine the bowing to royalty* You know how you can tap a user’s name to bring up their profile card? Well what if we could click a <@rolemention> and brin...

  • Add Offline API Documentation Support

    To something like for iOS or perhaps just make a printable pdf version

  • Channel embeds in iMessage/Android Text Client

    WhatsApp can now embed group chats within iMessage as if they were group text threads. The ability to do this with (an understandably limited number of) channels would be cool This way guilds ca...