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  • gochuJIEang hizo un comentario,

    https://www.reddit.com/r/apple/comments/qh6or2/dropbox_doesnt_support_apple_silicon_natively_yet/ Apparently, Dropbox doesn't support M1 Macs yet, either. It's possible that Discord is having the s...

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    Thanks barkbork, your compile instructions worked perfectly and the app is running well on my MBAir. Appreciate your work.

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    I just tried this and it seems to work great. https://randomblock1.com/blog/discord-m1-native/

  • gochuJIEang hizo un comentario,

    Right now, Discord on Safari works ten times better than the Discord app. Mostly with regards to performance (Discord app tanks my Air's performance). I like having a separate app, but having just ...