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  • OBV10U3_NINJA hizo un comentario,

    Bumping this. Wanna have this for my best friends.

  • OBV10U3_NINJA hizo un comentario,

    I getcha - like on a phone's gallery, you can hit the trash can and then radio buttons appear. Something along that line.

  • OBV10U3_NINJA hizo un comentario,

    I can see this easily crashing a discord server if it's abused. Horrible idea honestly.

  • OBV10U3_NINJA creó una publicación,

    Server 'not read' dot colorization idea

    I was looking between two different discord servers and got a bit of an optical illusion with the top of a window being under Discord, making the 'not read' dot look a darker grey color.What if the...