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Última actividad de PRIZ ;]
  • PRIZ ;] hizo un comentario,

    this should just be the default, with no special ui

  • PRIZ ;] creó una publicación,

    Linux Easter Egg

    When you type "sudo rm -rf" in chat it should show a loading bar saying "Erasing Account" for fun!

  • PRIZ ;] creó una publicación,

    Console Log

    If there is a way to sync up the console log colors with the discord theme that would be amazing to see, because there is an option for console log in the dark theme.

  • PRIZ ;] hizo un comentario,

    Self bots are against the terms of service, if you want a bot then make one, if you want links create an adverts channel Translated:  Self bots are against the terms of service, if you want a bot t...

  • PRIZ ;] creó una publicación,

    Role Menu or SelfAssign Roles

    This is the related to the "Color Roles Section" I made as suggestion 360037425252. It would be cool to have a rainbow colored embed with reaction roles or something similar. Simply just click on a...

  • PRIZ ;] creó una publicación,

    Screen Recording

    I think it would be a cool idea to add a screen recorder either built in to Canary (for bugs and things) or as a separate download

  • PRIZ ;] creó una publicación,


    I find it annoying having to go to "" to download Canary or PTB. Can we just provide the download straight from "" or "

  • PRIZ ;] creó una publicación,

    Color Roles

    My server (and potentially many others) has this menu where you can choose a color. I was simply wondering if there was a way to *not* have 30 roles for colors, but instead have one. Potentially th...

  • PRIZ ;] creó una publicación,


    I would love it if there was an option to make your own embeds that you can edit with a command (maybe with "/embed : <desc with or as line break> : <footer> : <optional image link> : <color hex>"...

  • PRIZ ;] creó una publicación,

    Add more commands

    where "/me" puts your message in italics i think "/code" for a code block, "/bold" for bold and "/nvm" for stikethrough would be pretty neat