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  • ¥¥lorenzo¥¥ creó una publicación,

    logo infront of the news channel

    maybe make an option for people with the developer license to change the logo infront of the “news” channel and “store” channel.

  • ¥¥lorenzo¥¥ hizo un comentario,

    u can do this with discord bots for example dyno, u type ?role humans -role

  • ¥¥lorenzo¥¥ hizo un comentario,

    i'd really love to see this on mobile aswell

  • ¥¥lorenzo¥¥ hizo un comentario,

    Agreed, but this is how people will see the specific channel is on a cooldown/slowmode.

  • ¥¥lorenzo¥¥ creó una publicación,

    mobile folder editor

    make it possible for mobile device users to edit their folders, and to get to their folder settings like `mark as read` - `foldersettings` etc. Would be lovely`

  • ¥¥lorenzo¥¥ creó una publicación,

    nitro booster role

    it would be apreciated if someones boosts a server, and rejoins he or she doesnt lose their nitro booster role in the specific server. now u boost a server get the role, if u rejoin that server u ...