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  • ChimneySwift hizo un comentario,

    Additionally, Discord already stores this data, anyone who's requested a data dump will have noticed. I'm just looking for a way to easily use this data to my advantage :)

  • ChimneySwift hizo un comentario,

    Frankly this is my main gripe with Discord's security. Security measures like strong passwords, 2fa etc are all well and good but ultimately being able to tell exactly when and where your account i...

  • ChimneySwift hizo un comentario,

    I think this wouldn't even be too hard to implement either. A simple accessibility toggle so all icons are words would theoretically do the trick, and it's not hard to test either.

  • ChimneySwift hizo un comentario,

    This would also be a huge help for people who struggle typing or are on the go and need to leave a long message. +1

  • ChimneySwift creó una publicación,

    View Bot and User Login History

    While a bot/user account would ideally never have it's authentication data leaked/guessed, it would be nice to have the ability to verify that your account is in fact only being accessed by you. T...

  • ChimneySwift creó una publicación,

    Copypasta/Chainmail Filtering

    I've seen chain mail almost identical to this on fairly popular servers 3 or 4 times now, it's annoying, misrepresents the Discord Support Team and is just triggering to anyone who knows what a DDo...