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  • 🖤yusaki🖤 creó una publicación,

    Lazy Loading - Discord Server Widget

    My website loading so slow cus widget loading many picture in the time I think you could add limt can chose how many user can show in the widget

  • 🖤yusaki🖤 creó una publicación,

    Bring discord android ui back

    Latest discord android UI is really like ios and we're really don't like it. It really hard to use, it dont like before

  • 🖤yusaki🖤 hizo un comentario,

    I think this post should in the support not at feedback topic ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • 🖤yusaki🖤 hizo un comentario,

    Please vote for this suggested!   Spotify overlay like in the computer but on the phone!

  • 🖤yusaki🖤 creó una publicación,

    More stable voice chat in windows and mobile phone

    I so annoying when i talk to my friends in pc and mobile