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  • malucart hizo un comentario,

    I agree with this, I use a lot of servers and it would be nice to have a way to post about my stuff where my friends from anywhere will be able to see, without having to do it repeatedly in several...

  • malucart hizo un comentario,

    It was already on iOS, but Android didn't have this. It was added on a recent Android Alpha build. Thank you!

  • malucart creó una publicación,

    Open role menu by clicking someone's role

    Make it so when you click someone's name/avatar, the role names in their list are clickable, and take you to the role settings.

  • malucart creó una publicación,

    Open profile on mobile by tapping a ping

    Currently, that takes you to DMs. I don't want that, and you can do it from the menu anyway. I think it would be nice if it did the same as tapping them on the member list.

  • malucart hizo un comentario,

    Yeah. They're using || because that's the syntax for the spoiler tags. You must be on a pretty old version if it neither gets shown without the || nor hidden.

  • malucart creó una publicación,

    Copy Link to reaction emoji

    You can right click an emoji and copy a link to its image, but you can't do the same with reactions.

  • malucart creó una publicación,

    Check reaction name on mobile

    On PC, you can hover over a reaction to see the emoji's name and a few people that reacted, but while on mobile you can tap and hold and access Reactions, you can't check the name of the emoji.