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    Make Experiments Account-Based Instead of Device-Based

    I have Discord on several devices. Currently, my phone and home computer have the "Reply to" buttons showing, but my laptop and work computers do not, all for the same account. It would really be g...

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    @AllDiscordDevs Not sure if any of you have ever bought a game, but I can assure you that you've made it at least twice as difficult to do so on Discord. You haven't created some new concept here; ...

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    I understand that, but that assumes the person I'm inviting is already a member of Discord, and also that they currently have Discord open to paste that in. Otherwise, you're right, and I understan...

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    Copy invite links to clipboard from server settings

    It's super easy to create new invites at any time, but sometimes we really just want to quickly send out our permanent invite link to a friend, or someone we've met on a different site/forum/etc.  ...