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  • Preview Friend Requests on Desktop

    You should be able to preview friend requests on desktop by hovering over the ping icon. Here's a quick mockup I made in my screenshot editor: This would be a great quality of life improvement for...

  • Ability to Mute Users

    There should be an ability to mute some users in text chat. There are a lot of users in servers that I'm in that use the server a lot, and so I don't want to get notifications whenever they send a ...

  • Add More GIF Providers

    Can you make it so there are more apps that you are getting the gifs from in the GIF button. There is already a /giphy command, so why not at least add Giphy to the GIF picker? It's nice having the...

  • Blocked Indicator

    Add a feature where you can more easily tell if somebody blocked you. Maybe put a red ring around them in the users bar, or do something else, other than just not showing their status if you are in...