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  • Tunyo-Tex creó una publicación,

    Make it possible to change one's color without having to give him/her a (colored) role

    Please make it possible to give someone a color without a role, I was planning on making people able to choose there own colors but this requires a role, so i wa wondering if it was possible to mak...

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    Reply to @OminousCry, link to his/her comment I'm replying to http://bit.do/eU5tf You say "it'd drain your battery like crazy and wouldn't look that great either" It only wouldn't look great if you...

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    But as i said, I'm using an API where i cannot edit...

  • Tunyo-Tex creó una publicación,

    Allow bots to not use spoilers

    I have a command that makes ASCII and other stuff that uses an API that i cannot edit, it uses alot of this symbol `||` in some parts so the parts gets replaced with the spoilers which i hate, the ...

  • Tunyo-Tex hizo un comentario,

    No, this shouldn't be added. I mean sometimes someone may put something that reveal privacy or anything like that either by mistake or change mind and needs to remove it from the server, if users a...