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    Bump this topic.News: UAE VOIP calls are blocked, so even with the middle eastern servers, you won't be able to Voice-Chat or Video-Chat or even make a broadcast your PC screen from the UAE unless ...

  • Abod hizo un comentario,

    First of all, I’d like to say that new server department has been opened in KSA and UAE, Most companies that are opening servers now are amazon & some other company that Idk the name of it. keep in...

  • Abod hizo un comentario,

    Add xSolla (Its a gateway with more than 400 payment methods). Or add paying using Google Play not Google pay, so we can buy using Google play gift cards or mobile payments.

  • Abod hizo un comentario,

    Yes, I'd really like allowing payments for Nitro using Goolge Play (Android) & Appstore (IOS).