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  • FidgetyJester hizo un comentario,

    Yea. I would like that alot too. I have alot of friends, but not like I talk to all of them afterall. It would make it easier to find the friends you're looking for and I like that. Lol XD

  • FidgetyJester creó una publicación,

    Sub Folders

    There are folders but what about folders inside the folders aka sub folders? You might be in multiple folders that's about the same game but with different topic. Let's say you have all games relat...

  • FidgetyJester creó una publicación,

    My account got hacked and Support isn't helping

    Hello. My account got hacked 2 weeks ago. I sent a ticket right away, twice infact but never got a response. 3 days later I decided to talk to Discord in Twitter, I sent them a DM and Tweet about m...

  • FidgetyJester hizo un comentario,

    @Zero.RX55Yeah. I did made a new one :3

  • FidgetyJester creó una publicación,

    Desktop Stream Mode

    Think instead of streaming the game it detected. It'll be better to stream the whole desktop like in a call instead. That way we can stream Xbox games using Xbox App, and switch between games easie...

  • FidgetyJester hizo un comentario,

    It' s possible they just can't find it since it's old. So I'll make another ticket and link it to this one,. Maybe that will help, lol XD

  • FidgetyJester hizo un comentario,

    I have like 4 help related role such as admin. Around 7 bots that came with roles. And maybe around 7 rewarding roles. But it's full because I added alot of gaming roles. I added only the game that...