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  • Grogu creó una publicación,

    Add Voice Texting!!

    While most apps like iOS Message app, and Facebook messenger have voice texting, discord still doesn't, but what make this feature so desirable. well its not just a convienence factor, it also it w...

  • Grogu hizo un comentario,

    ppl use snapchat all the time and i don’t see ppl complaining about how that app tell the other user tge convo was snapped.

  • Grogu hizo un comentario,

    how is this breaking privacy? as a mod tool you cant see anything you can already see there is no breaking privacy when its all public information. its a tool to catch leakers and drama makers.

  • Grogu creó una publicación,

    Discord needs support to monitor when a user takes a snapshot!!!

    I have been in enough servers as a mod and just as a member to know how fast people can make drama by taken a snapshot of a conversation they don't full understand and then take it out of that serv...

  • Grogu hizo un comentario,

    That link has nothing to do with my post, that person had an incorrect title, they wanted “embedded image” support not apngs. A little reading would have pointed that out. My post specifically as...

  • Grogu creó una publicación,

    Please - Allow iOS Discord to access iCloud Drive

    Currently discord only allows you to select photos or video from the photos app in iOS. The major problem with this is the the photo app automatically converts all photo file type into a JPG, so if...

  • Grogu creó una publicación,

    Add Support for APNG's !!!

    My friend and I make a lot of animations and want to retain the quality which is why we use APNG's instead of GIF's. but as I have discovered Discord currently has no support for his file type as o...

  • Grogu creó una publicación,

    Emote Search needs a List View for selecting by Emote Server

    Hello Folks,Many of us have tons of discord servers, many of them for just emotes, and it can be quite cumbersome, it would be great If we could just have a easier way to find those emotes we want ...

  • Grogu creó una publicación,

    The Ping Button needs a red Notification button when your pinged !!!

    Here is the thing, for all users and mods, the number one things that has gotten old is hearing ppl say "Who pinged me? ... then someone has to say "check your pings" which goes in for a good 10 mi...

  • Grogu creó una publicación,

    Chat Emotes Servers need ability to be turned OFF & ON

    So I have found I have a couple servers I belong to but will never use their emotes and they only cogs up my emote list and make it take longer for me to find the emotes I do like to use. Being abl...