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  • 🌸Sakura Miku🌸 hizo un comentario,

    Personally id rather not have to pay for using a theme or two, maybe if it was a one time fee perhaps, it should just be free to everyone, they could maybe allow nitro users to use animated themes ...

  • 🌸Sakura Miku🌸 hizo un comentario,

    Or, just let let us use custom themes already, without having to worry about bd exploits

  • 🌸Sakura Miku🌸 hizo un comentario,

    "Discord could make themes free for everyone, but can only store up to three at a time. Storing more themes and potentially animated themes could be a nitro perk" I could kinda see this backfiring ...

  • 🌸Sakura Miku🌸 hizo un comentario,

    CatX, funny thing is, the existing themes are community provided, meaning discord doesn't even need to develop their own unless they really wanted to