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  • KaraMarx hizo un comentario,

    When u have notifications on for a specific channel, not a @mention it will not show up from where the notification came,I see this issue too if you are on many servers and have notifications on fo...

  • KaraMarx creó una publicación,

    New permission: edit own role.

    Would be useful for admin's since a admin cant edit their role color etc even tho they should be allowed to do anything since they are trusted users.

  • KaraMarx hizo un comentario,

    Well i like the new update, also i can finnaly see how much i call with people etc.I think it is a cool update but they should add settings for people like you that want this disabled.

  • KaraMarx hizo un comentario,

    Great idea but make a permission for bots to use it. so owner/admin can decide with bots can or cant use the module.

  • KaraMarx hizo un comentario,

    Also @megannnjay and @Zacatero, stuff like " I honestly dont see the point of this" or "I dont really understand" Why would you post then,your not helping with this. 

  • KaraMarx hizo un comentario,

    Hey guys, just use https://discordapp.com/channels/@me/USERID/and change USERID to the userid of the user the link should send to