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  • JJRcop creó una publicación,

    AutoMod allowed words can bypass regex filtering rules for the whole message

    DescriptionWhen an AutoMod rule uses regex to block words from messages but also permits certain matches through the "allowed words and phrases" list, if one of the tokens on that list is matched b...

  • JJRcop creó una publicación,

    Timestamp before/after format

    If I write a message with like so: "The event starts <t:1677672000:R>!", it will be rendered (at the time of posting) "The event starts in 3 months!" After it's over though, the message will say "T...

  • JJRcop hizo un comentario,

    There is an older similar post with more likes than this one. Maybe it's a good idea to support that. https://support.discord.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/4404419021079-Support-ISO-8601-in-new-t-...

  • JJRcop hizo un comentario,

    I don't understand what makes "true message thread function" different than what's already there. Can you elaborate on exactly what that does? You have described the problem but I can't seem to un...

  • JJRcop hizo un comentario,

    @advaith This is a very wonderful first step, and fulfills many of the use cases here. However, I would love to see coverage for all, or at least major events (MESSAGE_*, VOICE_STATE_UPDATE) throug...

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    A Discord I help run has a feedback channel with a 1 hour timeout. We run a homegrown bot that enforces a strict feedback template by deleting violations. Some users are frustrated that they have t...

  • JJRcop hizo un comentario,

    I think bots should get an API endpoint that turns this on for the duration of their gateway connection. That way the current behavior is followed if no bots are online that say they check messages.

  • JJRcop hizo un comentario,

    I would like to have the option to view only the video stream i'm focused on. It ruins the quality for it when i have to stream the others at the same time.