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  • nextworldover creó una publicación,

    Toggle NSFW channels in Inbox

    I love the new inbox feature. I've found it makes it a lot easier for me to stay on top of the many, many servers I'm in. However, I'd like it if there were more nuanced customization options for w...

  • nextworldover hizo un comentario,

    I would love a hybrid between cozy and compact - show their avatar, but also show per-message timestamps. On hover would be fine!

  • nextworldover hizo un comentario,

    I'd love a feature where I only get unread notifications if the messages are from users on my friends list (or even better, only from certain users regardless of friending!). Being able to set noti...

  • nextworldover hizo un comentario,

    I hate it when there's an unread flag in a channel but when I look, the only new message is from someone I've blocked. If I've blocked someone, I certainly don't want my attention drawn to their me...

  • nextworldover hizo un comentario,

    I'm in a number of large, active servers where I'm only friends with a few of the people there, and the option to get notifications when specific friends are posting in a channel and not when just ...

  • nextworldover creó una publicación,

    Consolidate repeat emoji

    I'm in many servers that are all part of a larger community of people and as such a lot of them reupload the same emoji from other servers so that people who don't have nitro can access them. Howev...