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  • mcc creó una publicación,

    I am sad about the #number tags going away

    The Discord blog has a post named "Evolving Usernames on Discord". It says the # tags on everyone's usernames are going away and we will have to all have unique usernames. This makes me unhappy. I ...

  • mcc creó una publicación,

    Let us turn the new font off

    I don't exactly hate the new font but I'd be happier if I could turn it off. You clearly designed this for high resolution Apple monitors and at 1x with Windows font rendering it looks clearly wron...

  • mcc creó una publicación,

    This website ( breaks if third party cookies are disabled, with unhelpful error message

    I normally keep "third party cookies" disabled in my Chrome browser for privacy reasons. I have discovered if you attempt to log into this site ( with third party cookies disabl...

  • mcc creó una publicación,

    "Friends" tab is overall not as useful as it could be

    I added a lot of people as Discord friends lately so I could DM with them, and I have realized I am struggling to find individual friends in my DMs list. The "Friends" tab in the web client ought t...

  • mcc creó una publicación,

    "Friends" tab should show user notes

    As described in this other suggestion, I have many Discord friends who I met offline or on another website and I use the notes to store their names. However, the notes are kind of hard to get at wh...

  • mcc creó una publicación,

    "Friends" tab search should let you search by note text

    I have many friends on Discord who I met either IRL or on another website. Often their discord handle is different from the handle they use elsewhere. To help myself remember who is who, I will use...

  • mcc creó una publicación,

    "Friends" tab should remember your all/online/pending/blocked setting

    In the web app, if I choose the DMs tab toplevel (with the Discord logo), and then at the next level choose the "Friends" tab, I get a list of my friends and a search box. I have many discord frien...

  • mcc creó una publicación,

    Please don't integrate cryptocurrency

    Your CEO has been posting pictures with the Ethereum logo, a type of cryptocurrency "blockchain" that has extreme and wildly unnecessary environmental impact. Although I believe all cryptocurrency ...