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    My apologies to the last commenter for not seeing this sooner. Alright so, it depends on what device she is using. Lets assume that she is using iOS. Lets also assume, based on the description that...

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    Channel Role Filter

    Finding a specific user in a large server can be a nightmare when you have to scroll through dozens of pages, and when each person tends to only show up once. If you are looking for someone with a ...

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    Oh. One other thing that I forgot to mention is that if a message is extremely long, i.e near the 2000 character limit, or if I get a link sent while using Discord on my phone, a link which has a p...

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    Discord Accessibility For Blind Users: Opening The Bags


    Introduction: Hello there. If you are reading this, you have, or at least I hope you have, an interest in accessibility. I'm Jesse. I'm blind, and live in Canada. I have been using Discord since la...