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  • TheDude hizo un comentario,

    Either THAT or make the price way lower for selected benefit. In this case audio.

  • TheDude hizo un comentario,

    Perfectly said. My only idea that I could add would be that the small servers (such as mime or yours) that have 30-50 members could have some sort of permanent points to work towards via boosting. ...

  • TheDude creó una publicación,

    Another idea/request for small server boosting.

    AFAIK - price for singular boost will be lowered to 4.99$ already, but that's is still not sufficient enough for a small server to run on a continous boost. That's why I'd like if you guys would ta...

  • TheDude hizo un comentario,

    @Zacatero I don't need any of the nitro perks I only need better voice quality on my server. But developers of discord didn't think about that. Teamspeak on the other hand does and if not for thei...