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  • Hallowisp creó una publicación,

    A Heartfelt Plea Regarding the New UI

    By now, so many people have spoken up about their dislike of the new UI. This post is no different. But my distress is great enough that I had to speak up too. Discord is my primary form of online ...

  • Hallowisp hizo un comentario,

    That's another great point. I would GLADLY shell out money, as a server owner, to unlock those kinds of features (like how Enjin does with its tiered price plans). But I'm really not comfortable as...

  • Hallowisp hizo un comentario,

    From the day I signed up for Discord, I have wanted this feature more than anything else. 

  • Hallowisp hizo un comentario,

    Yes, this! The people who subscribe to Nitro are, I imagine, more likely to be server admin and moderators who could really use this kind of enhanced functionality. I can't count how many times I'v...

  • Hallowisp hizo un comentario,

    This is really important, and another thing that's stopped me from ever subbing. I can't thing of a single subscription I pay for that doesn't allow me to opt out of auto-renew. Moreover, most of t...

  • Hallowisp creó una publicación,

    A Few Suggestions for the Boost Feature

    So I really love the Boost feature in theory, but I've found it pretty punishing in its implementation. Most of this is due to the scarcity of Boosts. For example, I'm in a server with almost 3k me...