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  • NightEule5 hizo un comentario,

    I did end up getting it to work on a fresh install on a new computer, I forgot to update here. Nice repo for others with this problem Gamelaster

  • NightEule5 hizo un comentario,

    It's been 5 months, and notification badges have been outright broken even with libunity for a while now. I'm on the newest Discord version available through pacman, 0.0.19, and my libunity version...

  • NightEule5 creó una publicación,

    Display a notification badge on KDE

    I'm have Discord installed on my machine running Manjaro KDE. On Windows, when there were unread DMs, a notification badge was shown on the taskbar icon, but on KDE this isn't the case without a wo...

  • NightEule5 hizo un comentario,

    I just switched to Manjaro w/ KDE and was surprised to find this feature missing. I used it constantly, and Discover isn't working Isn't X11 standard on most distros? +1 for this

  • NightEule5 creó una publicación,

    Option to tie a custom status to a program

    What I want is to be able to tell people on Discord that I'm currently busy programming when I open my IDE.   Before the "custom status" feature, I set my IDE as a game. This worked ok, except  tha...