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  • Wraith hizo un comentario,

    Hey Daniel,I really appreciate your thoughts on this idea! It's clear that you're thinking about how to take the Discord experience to the next level. I completely understand where you're coming fr...

  • Wraith hizo un comentario,

    Hello there!I can tell that you've really invested some serious thought into this concept, and I'm thrilled to see your enthusiasm for enhancing Discord! Your proposal to enable bots to set Discord...

  • Wraith hizo un comentario,

    Hey there! I absolutely get where you're coming from. Your suggestion to give verified server owners a special badge on Discord is really thoughtful. The current badge system is a step in the right...

  • Wraith hizo un comentario,

    Hey there! I understand where you're coming from. The idea of allowing bots to change their profile color and add banners sounds pretty cool! It could add a unique touch to bot profiles, just like ...