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  • 💀EØZ💀 creó una publicación,

    we need animated Text Animations

     as in congrats and other  so we can  say things and mini  things or  emojis come across the screen ...  to show off your   funny die or weather its to   say thanks or other,,, we need some  kinda ...

  • 💀EØZ💀 creó una publicación,

    these people agree ...

      H. 1 month ago     I agree with that but at least we can use image as banner, not gifs one just like avatars 4     GreenPB 1 month ago     We should have images ...

  • 💀EØZ💀 hizo un comentario,

    iam sorry but why not have banner for  full version free,,, i think  should be but yea ... i think if anything let us earn banners,,, or some   kinda  point system... to earn nitro and other items ...

  • 💀EØZ💀 creó una publicación,


    i think its about time  we added the functions for discord to allow people to fill out a  poll or  info sheet  or  tick box theme for the   joining   of servers... we also need  to have one free  w...

  • 💀EØZ💀 creó una publicación,

    polls... and other for discord

    we discord people need some kind of function  added were  we can make   questionaries' , polls for people  to  pick answers or even  make  one  answer or many answers,, or tick boxes...  to help se...

  • 💀EØZ💀 hizo un comentario,

    Its fine

  • 💀EØZ💀 creó una publicación,

    New idea for discord

    The idea is to make a rewards system for discord for new people learn about discord to reward them points for gaming.. Doing doscord setting it up the profile and so on.. Also to earn points for co...

  • 💀EØZ💀 creó una publicación,

    time to have a new added system to help people know who is afk or never on ,, the server

    we need a option in setting for admin to check when you were last online in server,, group or so on,, i think and other would think maybe this is cool for making sure some people not just joining d...

  • 💀EØZ💀 creó una publicación,

    we need background for discord

    there is  themes in discord but you have to pay for them or not iam not sure i just learned through youtube there is a way to ,, have one but i want to say i think they hacking it,, lol by using co...

  • 💀EØZ💀 hizo un comentario,

    this is  needed most definitely .. it should have been in the files from the beginning ,, because this makes discord more fun and  advertising  and appealing to the eye...