Discord partial hater. The app could be nice if the mods weren't assholes and if the direction wasn't doing stupid decisions like releasing features to only some aleatory ppl

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    I saw ppl saying bots already do it but you're just sorta dumb. OP wants this to be integrated, just like in group DMs, but without the possibility to not inform the guild. Something like this woul...

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    Hey. This suggestion might be what you're looking for. Consider upvoting, following and commenting with ur mockup there

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    I think what you looking for is already implemented. You can go in Notifications > Sounds and then look for the "Incoming Ring" and "Outgoing Ring" options. You can then turn them off and it should...

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    Add title/tl;dr for announcement channel messages

    Even if the fact that you can follow a channel is cool, it would be even cooler if those announcements could have a title. The announcements could also be, to make them stand out from other normal ...

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    Possibilty to choose the number of columns in Embeds

    A cool thing about embeds is that you can align the fields, but a bad thing about them is that they are weird if your field number is not a multiple of three... But what if you could choose the num...

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    When are hyperlinks coming in about me sections ?

    It would be great if, just like in bot embeds, we could use hyper links in our about me.

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    Hide users' custom status in some servers option

    I hate it when some ppl set stupid links in their status, or are just insulting you. An option to hide the custom statuses on a server (show statuses if the staff wants to) would be so much of a co...

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    The possibility to add an image is already in test. A bunch of randomly selected people can already do it with a nitro subscription, but the color choice option would be so cool